Have you ever had the best day at the gym and turn around the next day and had the worst day?

There are many factors that play into how we perform in the gym


In order for your body to fully recover you need 7-10 hours of sleep. During a workout muscles are being broken down, which is causing a build up of large microscopic tears. With proper recovery muscles can come repair and come back stronger. On the other hand not letting your muscles recover leaves them weaker and much more susceptible to injury. Your body recovers two times faster while you are sleeping vs when you are awake that is why, so turn off the tv, phone, and computer and go to sleep at a reasonable hour!!


Did you really think that pizza and beer you had last night will help you in WOD today? That pizza will cause your insulin levels to be all out of whack and you will leave you feeling sluggish the next day. On top of hurting your energy level all those processed food causes inflammation in your muscles and joints. Movements that normally do not cause pain will have you cringing each rep. If you are at a birthday party and want to have a piece of cake that is fine just don’t be surprised when you feel it the next day.

Yesterday’s WOD

You might have slept well the night before and your diet is dialed in but you still can’t move that barbell like you did yesterday. First question you need to ask yourself is “Are the muscles from yesterday being used today?” We do use the same muscle groups from day to day and some days we blast a muscle. That poor muscle might still be sore the next and is working but just not up to par like it was the day before.

Before you decide you are getting worse or you are the worse CrossFitter in the history of the world, ask yourself if any of these things could be a factor.

Clean and Jerk


21- Front Squats 95/65
9- Bar Muscle Ups
15- Front Squat
7-Bar Muscle Ups
9- Front Squats
5- Bar Muscle ups


Annie, Mary, Fran….Ever wonder why we do workout named after girls?

Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit took the lead from the weather. He decided that since storms were named girls names that his CrossFit workouts should as well. Coach Glassman explains, “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name. I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name. Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.” These workouts are considered benchmark workouts and repeated throughout the year. So use the “girls” the track your progress!

4 pullups EMOM


5 Rounds
5- Deadlift 275#/185#
10- Burpees


7×2 EMOM

“Attempted Suicide

For time
10 Thrusters
9 Deadlifts
8 Squat Cleans
7 Push Press
6 Hang Power Clean
5 Front Squat
4 Push Jerk
3 Hang Squat Clean
2 power clean
1 Shoulder press