Double Unders!! Love them or hate them, they are used a lot and work well in CrossFit. Here are some tips on how to improve on the double under.

It’s all in the wrist. Beginners doing double unders tend to think in order to get the rope around twice, they need to jump higher. This is somewhat true, at least until you get some practice with the double unders, but if you’re doing a tuck jump and your knees are bending a lot you’re doing it wrong. Instead of trying to jump really high and bend the knees a lot, try to flick the rope around faster with your wrists. Remember the rope isn’t that think so no need to jump super high. This also does not mean be crazy windmill arms. The swing of the rope is primarily a forearm through wrist motion. Try not to do the tuck jump. Jump as you normally would, not much different than a single.
You got to have timing. Again, you want to avoid jumping too high. The first revolution should occur during the upwards motion of your hop and the second revolution will occur in the downwards motion, this is where practice,practice, practice comes in play.
Get a good speed rope. A non-plastic rope is going to be munch harder to do double with. A non plastic rope moves slowly and is far more difficult to flick around twice. Use a plastic rope with handles that aren’t physically attached to the rope. The ropes with a thin cable are the best ones to get. They bite from time to time but will do wonders for double unders.
Last tip try not to tense up too much. Many people do this when performing double unders. Their necks and shoulders completely tense up. It’s difficult to avoid, but try and keep things loose. Otherwise this will cause you to burn out quicker and make it more difficult to perform double unders. So agin the best thing to do is practic, practice, practice. Once you get he double unders they will be as easy, if not easier than a single.

Clean and Jerk 7×2
OT2M, add 5# to last week

(Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:)
30 double-unders
75-lb. power snatches, 15 reps


Yesterday we talked about maintaining the hands. If you do happen to tear but you don’t want to take to much time off just to let the hands heal up there is one way to help. You can either buy leather wraps.

Or you can make homemade ones and just reuse them until they break.


Both of these are a good way to help prevent a tear along with sanding the calluses down.


30 snatches @135/95#


This is bound to happen, from to many pull-ups, muscle ups, kettlebell swings or even barbell movements. We don’t want to let this happen if we can prevent it. One way to prevent it is to shave down the callus we build up on our hands. Calluses are good to have and will help prevent blisters but you don’t want to have too big of a callus. A big callus will hurt when you hang for a bar and will just rip off.
Some tools to use when maintaining the calluses.


These tools you will use to sand down the callus after you have shaved it down a bit. You don’t want to sand it completely away but just enough you have a smooth but callus hand.

This is what you could use to shave the callus down.

Deadlift 5×3
OT2M, add 10# to last week

(9-7-5 reps for time)
Squat clean and jerk 185/130#
Bar muscle ups


Whats with the names for the WOD?

Crossfit works well because it tests and retests to see gains in fitness. One of the best ways to do that is by doing benchmark WODS. Annie is one of the original benchmark WODs. These WODs never change they keep the same movements and same RX weight. This allows you to record your time and to go back in a few months repeat the named benchmark WOD and see how much you have progressed. If you progressed, you are on the right track. If you went backwards you may need to check your nutrition, how often you have been coming to the gym, or your sleep. Everyday you should be keeping a WOD log of what you have achieved and goals you want to achieve. Maybe your first pullup, your first Rx WOD, or a PR on a lift. If you record all that you achieve it will allow you to see the progress you made and this in turn will keep you motivated to keep it going. It can also allow you to see where you may have been lacking in certain areas of your fitness. Tracking your workouts and your nutrition will be a sure way to keep you on track and motivated to keep your self at your best.

Press 5×3
OT2M, add 5# to last week

(5 rounds OT3M)
21 KB swings 70/50
15 burpees
9 box jumps 30/24